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Washington DC Tourist Attractions

Washington DC, the capital of United states is a wonderful place for both families and also individuals to visit and explore. This is actually the area where the head office of all three divisions of U. S. federal government are located . But apart from being a political house, Washington DC is full of cultural and famous landmarks which you'll find really worth viewing in the course of our life-time. Below are some of the significant places that may leave a tourist asking for more.

National Mall

The National Mall will be the central point of tourist attractions in Washington DC. It's not only widely known for museums and national landmarks, but it is additionally a one-stop place for celebrating out-of-doors festivals. The amazing architecture makes it a unique place that preserves and remembers our nation’s history and democracy. One of the leading attractions will be the Washington Monument which honours the US first president George Washington, stands out as the tallest structure within the city calculating about 555 ft high.


The US capitol

The US capitol located at the opposite end of the National Mall from the Washington Monument holds possibly the best structure in our country. This legislative division of American government will be the home to both the Senate as well as the House of Representatives. The tour cost nothing though the tickets are minimal hence one have to get in there quickly. Capitol Dome is open to the general public for guided tours only because of increased security procedures.

The White House

The White house is the most ancient public building in the city and is also the home for the president of the United States. It took eight years to develop the house and then the interior has actually been remodelled through the years. The 7 acre Lafayette Park is the best place to experience your vacation. General public tours are limited to a group of 10 individuals or even more plus it should be requested via a member of the legislature. 

Monumental and Memorial tours

Washington DC serves as a city of memorials and monuments. They honour the presidents, war veterans and founding fathers. Some of the well-known ones are Arlington National Cemetery, Jefferson memorial, Vietnam veteran’s memorial, World War II memorial, Lincoln memorial and numerous others. A majority of these memorials are spread in a huge region, so sightseeing tour is the greatest way for you to visit all of them. Also it will be amazing to look those ancient monuments during the night time since they will be illuminated.


Museum and Art galleries

One can find large amount of museums that form a fundamental part of Washington DC region. National building museum maintains a huge collection of architectural items, sketches, photographic images and miniature models. The Smithsonian institution houses as much as 14 museums on top of that admission to any or all of these are free of cost. One cannot check out all in one day considering the fact that there is so much to see in Smithsonian. The national gallery of art museum includes every aspects of visual arts along with paintings.     


The Washington DC attractions usually do not end right here. There are many different additional places of interest including Botanical gardens, Ohio canal, National Aquarium, Tidal Basin etc and you will be doing injustice for ones trip if you have missed these kinds of venues. Utilizing a licensed tour guide is going to be smartest choice to educate yourself all about the historical past that surrounds Washington DC. For more info about a guided tour please visit here: washington dc tours.